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GiGi FM, aka Giulia Fournier-Mercadante is a French-Italian artist based in Berlin. Born in Paris, she moved to New York as a teenager after obtaining a dance scholarship, which she practiced at a high level for many years. Moving to London, she honed her multi-disciplinary artistic profile, organised her own events and performed regularly in London's southern clubs.

Combining textures and colours with the sounds she hears, GiGi FM reveals an approach to music that gives her a natural ability to create unique atmospheres and moods. Also inspired by the ancient role of dance and music in rituals of community and connection, her work is always based on an instinctive desire to be in tune with others.

An approach and talent that today leads her to perform in the most demanding venues and festivals in Europe.

Citing Donato Dozzy, Bjork, Function, Neel, Aleksi Perrälä, Pierre Henry, E. Satie and Suzanne Ciani among her main musical influences, GiGi FM also distills her influences each month on the renowned London radio station NTS.

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