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As a DJ, Sybil’s speciality is her versatility and ardent love for vibrant and immersive electronic music in all its forms. She is equally adept at playing high-energy propulsive techno, as she is at exploring sumptuous downtempo, euphoric trance, expansive drone, and even full-throttle drum and bass. Sybil’s sets criss-cross through all of these genres and more, as she guides dancers on journeys which are emotive, thrilling and ultimately revitalising.


Sybil’s DJing has taken her across the UK, with appearances at Village Underground, Fabric, Glastonbury, and Timedance, alongside revered events and venues on the global stage. These include: Berlin Atonal, Berghain’s Säule, WHOLE Festival, De School (Amsterdam), Nowadays (New York), Brutaż (Warsaw), ZVUK (Almaty) and Honey Soundsystem (San Francisco).


Post-pandemic, Sybil has been busy playing at local parties across London, including SUB:SYSTEM and the inaugural Risen festival, as well as hosting off-grid trance raves deep in the British countryside. Whilst Sybil’s club sets are geared for energetic dance floor exhilaration, her mixes are notable for their highly visual narrative arcs. Subtly accelerating and decelerating between disparate BPMs, she stitches together music from a broad palette of textures, contrasting new finds with long forgotten gems to create memorable narratives which are both rewarding and entrancing.


Whether it be a healing ambient mix, a ride though an alien vortex, or a powerful techno excursion, Sybil always manages to hit the nail on the head.

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